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Join us in making a difference and building a more inclusive and compassionate infrastructure for the elderly.

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By monitoring the ever-changing and constantly expanding need to improve the access to quality nursing homes and care facilities in Europe for the long-lived, we aim to involve private donors and institutional partners on our global and multi-faceted project. We are facing a growing average age every year and we want to address each and every elderly need at all stages.

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Our Values

We believe in empathy, integrity and transparency.
We enhance compassion and work hard to support high- quality care for the elderly.

We value their community growth through charitable and educational initiatives to increase social integration and reassurance.


Established in Geneva in 2018, the Foundation expresses the personal commitment of both Threestones Capital Partners as individuals, and as a firm, to optimize the elderly care service and knowledge beyond commercial activities. The nursing homes healthcare growing sector successfully strengthens its expertise and triggers the urge to give back as much as possible with a philanthropic perspective.

The importance of getting every single facet of the day for our long-lived is a growing awareness and motivates TSF to operate worldwide, covering private and institutional needs.

Our Team

Committed forces behind the scenes

The Threestones Foundation’s Board of Directors includes Threestones Capital senior executives, leading figures from the wider nursing homes healthcare industry.
The BOD is responsible for monitoring the Foundation’s purpose fulfilment and implementing a global multi-year agenda



Francesco’s 25-year career spans construction, real estate financial services and private equity. In the early 2000s he was responsible for various leading infrastructure development projects in Europe. There then followed a spell managing Berlin-based company, focused on alternative real estate portfolios in the residential and nursing homes sector in Germany.

Francesco developed a deep interest in the nursing homes sector and a will to “put something back” into the communities in which Threestones Capital operates.


Director / Treasurer

Alessandro spent 25 years in real estate, banking and finance working across Europe, notably in Italy and Germany. He has been responsible for high-profile development projects spanning urban renewal, infrastructure and social housing.

Between 2006 and 2009 Alessandro managed several European real estate funds at a Swiss-based family office. This was his first exposure to the healthcare sector, managing a portfolio of nursing homes in Germany. Alessandro’s years of commitment to this sector are what have fired his desire to set up the Threestones Foundation, alongside his fellow Threestones Capital founding partners.

Alessandra vicedomini

Chief Operating Officer

Alessandra has a law background, and twenty years career in public relations across Europe, Switzerland and the United States. She developed her family business in the early 2000 and built a very strong international retail network. She first approached the elderly care sector in 2015 for personal reasons and since then she has been committed to analyze the infrastructures’ needs and is driven by a strong will to dynamize and optimize elderly care.

She studied Neuro-Science, Quantum Physics and Psychology, and grew a strong sense of empathy, aligned to the urge to make a change in the community future, setting elderly people care as a priority

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